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魊ch Department, National Defense UniversityRussia and◆ the United States have clarified the development dir◆ection of their military reforms, which have entered 


鬭 new phase of structural adjustments in order to upg◆rade combat effectiveness. On April 5, Russian Pre◆sident Vladimir Putin announced Moscow will start a N◆ational Guard, dominated by internal C

security forces ◆of the interior ministry, to conduct anti-terrorism m◆issions. Russian armed forces will undergo dramatic c◆hanges. The combat capacity of the Nationa8


l Guard wil◆l be enhanced, playing a positive role to maintain do◆mestic security and stability, while, its domestic se◆curity system will be reconstructed. FuncS


tions of Rus◆sian military forces power sector may also be relocat◆ed.Even after becoming a more independent sovereignty◆, Russia still continued on with the Soviet power str◆ucture, which includl

ed strategic rocket forces, Air D◆efense Forces, army, navy, and air forces, constituti◆ng five armed services.Moscow has transformedx


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its pow◆er structure into three military services and three a◆rms of services. Russian space forces have built up s◆everal divisions that would be placed intoe

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other arme◆d services units. The Russian power structure is desi◆gnated as land forces, navy, air forces, and strategi◆cQ

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rocket troops, three services of airborne troops an◆d two armed services.Meanwhile along the vigorous gam◆e of virtual battle space, the US has upgraded its cy◆ber A

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command to a separate unit, running parallel to t◆he other strategic commands. Cyberspace is deemed the◆ 7th war zone of the US. The US regards virtual space◆ as a baz

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ttlefield, and preparing forces for virtual s◆pace field operations.The US may become the first cou◆ntry to start a virtual war. Additionally, China is p◆romotK

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ing military reforms. The Chinese army has forme◆d a new theater of war, army command and strategic su◆pport units.These adjustments adopted in many countri◆es5


are designed to allow the military to run a new po◆wer structure, reflecting the necessity for military ◆reform after the Cold War. Militaries are transformin

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